Sony A55V

Although the Sony A55V is aimed at the hobby photographer it has a number of more advanced features. Many of these are made possible by a new innovation from Sony that they call Translucent Mirror Technology. This has a number of speed advantages that are reflected in the features on offer with the A55V.

Features include 16 megapixels. The first of the high speed enabled features is the ability to shoot at a rate of 10 frames per second. There is a High Dynamic Range mode. In this mode the A55V reels off three photos in quick successions. These are then merged together in camera. The idea behind this is to bring out extra detail in the notoriously difficult areas of highlights and shade.

A similar concept is used to combat noise in lowlight shots. To combat noise Sony have included both a noise reduction mode and a handheld twilight mode. Both of these modes fire off 6 photos and combine them to improve overall quality.

If you are planning to travel with your camera there are two features you are likely to find useful. To start with there is a Full High Definition movie mode. This means that you can shoot short movie clips without the need to carry a camcorder with you. The second feature is GPS tagging. This helps you to pinpoint exactly where you where when a photo was taken.

Other impressive features include a 3 inch vari angle LCD screen. This pulls out away from the body and you can then twist it round at an angle. This can be a big help to you if you find yourself in an awkward shooting position. The screen also offers Live View, allowing you to compose your images through the screen. In addition there is an electronic viewfinder. This gives you a 100% field of view.

Image stabilisation has been built into the A55V. This means you avoid paying a premium for image stabilised lenses. There is also a Sweep Panorama feature helping you to create panoramic shots. This feature also has a 3D option.

Sony A55V

Camera Type: Digital SLR

16 Megapixels

Dimensions: 124 x 92 x 84mm

Weight: 441g

Memory Card: SD, SDHC, SDXC, Memory Stick PRO Duo

Sony A55V Details


Digital SLR



LCD Screen



SD, SDHC, SDXC, Memory Stick PRO Duo

Aspect Ratios


File Formats


Shutter Speed

30 - 1/4000 seconds + bulb


ISO 100 - 12800 equivalent

White Balance Settings

Auto, Daylight, Shade, Cloudy, Incandescent, Fluorescent, Flash


+/-2.0 EV, 1/3 EV step

Flash Modes

Autoflash, Fill-flash, Slow sync, Rear flash sync. High Speed sync.

Flash Range


Shooting Modes


Maximum Movie Resolution

1920 x 1080 pixels pixels

Maximum Movie Frames Per Second

Not Supplied

Maximum Movie Duration

Not Supplied




Multi segment, spot, center weighted


Fully Manual, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority

Image Stabilisation


Lens Converters


Self Timer

10 seconds or 2 seconds

Video Out (TV Playback)


Computer Connection



Lithium-ion Rechargeable


124 x 92 x 84mm



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