Panasonic DMC LS85 Review

Simple and Easy

Panasonic DMC LS85 Ease of Use 9
Features 8
Movie Mode 8
Build Quality8
Colours 8
Photo Quality 9
Style 8
Lowlight 8
Macro 8
Value for Money 8
8 Megapixels
4x Zoom
2.5 inch LCD Screen
96.7 x 62 x 29.8mm


The Panasonic Lumix DMC LS85 is a simple and easy digital camera. It has 8 megapixels and a 4x optical zoom lens. One feature I like is that the amount of zoom can be increased to 6.4x when shooting at low resolutions. This camera runs on two AA batteries, has a standard movie mode and a 2.5 inch screen. It is also one of the cheapest digital cameras to offer image stabilisation.

Why Buy The Panasonic DMC LS85

The Lumix DMC LS85 offers good value for money. It is easy to use and takes a decent snapshot.

Main Features

LCD Screen:

2.5 inches
96.7 x 62 x 29.8mm

HD Movies:
Manual Controls:
Memory Cards:


Image Quality - See Sample Images Below

Outdoor Scenic Shots in Good Light

Outdoor 1 (Medium Zoom): The biggest problem the Lumix DMC LS85 has with this picture is the detail lost from the lightest areas of the shot, such as the boats. This becomes more noticeable as you increase print size. Many cheaper cameras have a problem with shots where there is a high level of contrast, like in this photo.

Outdoor 2 (No Zoom): There is plenty of colour in the sky and water in this shot. Focusing when no zoom is used is about as good as you are likely to get from a camera in this price range.

Outdoor 3 (Maximum Zoom): The main point of this test is to see how well a camera can focus with the zoom lens fully extended. The Lumix DMC LS85 does very well. The shot is sharper than I expected to see and the camera does a good job of bringing out detail in the scene.

Outdoor 4 (Building): Overall I have found the sharpness of these more distant shots quite impressive. The standard of this photo is towards the top of the range when comparing to similar digital cameras.


Outdoor Portrait: This photo is taken in the shade so I set the white balance setting to shade. This helps to warm up the colours and produce a better looking photo. I am happy with all three of my portrait tests. The Lumix DMC LS85 performs well in this area taking its price tag into account.

Indoor Portrait with Flash: The camera makes good use of the flash light. It provides even light across the photo. The colours manage to retain a fairly natural look too.

Indoor Portrait without Flash: For a cheaper camera noise levels are controlled well and there is a good deal of definition to the shot. In fact the camera manages to outperform a number of more expensive ones.

Macro, Colours and Noise

Macro: This effort suggests that you should be able to produce good quality macro snapshots. You can focus from 5cm so you should be able to get in close to most subjects.

Colours: Panasonic digital cameras can produce colours with a bit more zest to them than other brands do. Sometimes this can border on losing a more natural look, but how strong you like colour to be is a personal choice.

ISO 400 and ISO 1600: These setting are really only to be used in an emergency when it is proving difficult to get a shot otherwise. As ever noise creeps in quickly, but on the whole colours remain true without breaking down.


The Lumix DMC LS85 produced a pleasing set of results. It compares very well with other cameras in this price range.

See sample images link arrow


This camera is larger in size than a pocket camera. It has a raised grip area on the front of the camera to help you hold the camera steady. There is a choice of black and silver models.

Shutter Lag Times

Shutter Lag Rating Slow

Single Shot
Five Shots
Single Shot With Flash
Five Shots With Flash
Turn on Time

0.52 seconds
10.4 seconds
1.83 seconds
25.1 seconds
3.38 seconds

Shutter Lag Table link arrow

Ease of Use

Ease of Use - Easy If you change the shooting mode to intelligent auto the Lumix DMC LS85 cuts the menu options to a minimum making the camera even easier to use.

Points I Like

Ease of use - extra zoom at lower resolutions - picture quality - value for money - features for the price

Where it Could Improve

Very slow when flash is being used


The Panasonic Lumix DMC LS85 is well worth considering if you are in the market for a cheaper digital camera. It handles my tests well and also scores highly for ease of use.

Product Shots

Front View

Front View

Back View

Back View

Top View

Top View

Sample Menus

menu 1 menu 2

setup menu 3

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Review Date

March 2009

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