Fuji Finepix F200exr Review

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Fuji Finepix F200exr Ease of Use 8
Features 9
Movie Mode 8
Build Quality9
Colours 8
Photo Quality 8
Style 8
Lowlight 8
Macro 7
Value for Money 8
12 Megapixels
5x Zoom
3 inch LCD Screen
97.7 x 58.9 x 23.4mm


The Fuji Finepix F200exr is a 12 megapixel digital camera. It has a 5x, wide angle lens. Fuji has redesigned the sensor to improve performance for high contrast and lowlight photography. Other features include a 3 inch LCD screen, manual exposure and image stabilisation.

Why Buy The Fuji Finepix F200exr

Compared to most similar sized compact digital cameras this one has some very useful, extra features. Picture quality is very good too.

Main Features

LCD Screen:

3 inches
97.7 x 58.9 x 23.4mm

HD Movies:
Manual Controls:
Memory Cards:

Lithium ion

Image Quality - See Sample Images Below

Outdoor Scenic Shots in Good Light

The Finepix F200exr gets off to a good start in terms of the level of detail showing in the shot. The sharpness of the shot is impressive too. One concern is that the white boats show a definite blue tinge.

There is plenty of colour in this shot. The photo works well on the whole. Compared to other cameras with a wide angle lens the Finepix F200exr does well when it comes to producing a sharp photo.

With the lens zoomed all the way in the camera again comes up with a crisp shot. I like the greens used for the leaves on the trees, together with the amount of brightness in the photo.

Aside from the blue tinge in the first photo I have no major concerns surrounding my outdoor scenes. The shots are bright, colourful and sharp.


This is my favourite test shot taken with this camera. I realise it is one of my less demanding test shots, but the colours have a very natural feel to them. In this respect the Finepix F200exr outperforms a lot of rival cameras.

Fuji claims their flash control is very good. Looking at this photo I tend to agree with them. There is plenty of brightness in the shot, but it does not wash out the colours and there is little reflection of light from the face.

It is always difficult to take indoor portraits once the light starts to fade or you are away from a window. The Finepix F200exr produces a decent effort.

Macro, Colours and Noise

As I have seen elsewhere this test photo has a slight bluish tinge. In this picture at least it is likely to be caused by the artificial lighting used for the shot. So this should not be a problem for macro shots as a rule. This is not the first time I have come across this problem when testing Fuji digital cameras. I also found it difficult to get a sharp shot from 5cm away from the subject.

On the whole I like the colours, especially the warm tones in the outdoor portrait. The occasional blue tinge to a photo is a worry.

Despite claims made by Fuji I still found fairly typical levels of noise when ISO ratings are increased. I would advise only using higher settings when it is difficult to get a picture any other way.


I like the test photos I took with this camera. Most of my test shots I have run through here were taken in fully automatic mode. If you are prepared to experiment with the camera you should be able to improve on my results as you familiarize yourself with all the features.

See sample images link arrow


Fuji has gone for some subtle curves to stop the Finepix F200exr looking like yet another identikit digital camera. It feels good in the hand and suggests good build quality.

Shutter Lag Times

Shutter Lag Rating Fast

Single Shot
Five Shots
Single Shot With Flash
Five Shots With Flash
Turn on Time

0.26 seconds
10.03 seconds
0.33 seconds
10.05 seconds
3.03 seconds

Shutter Lag Table link arrow

Ease of Use

Ease of Use - Par The Finepix F200exr has a few extra features compared to more standard compact cameras. Therefore it will take a little longer to get to grips with all of them.

Points I Like

General features - picture quality - Shutter lag times

Where it Could Improve

Close up shots could be better - LCD screen not as sharp as it could be


The Fuji Finepix F200exr is a good all round camera, offering some innovative extra features. Although it can be used as a point and shoot camera you will need to spend some time getting to know the features available if you are to get the most out of this camera.

Product Shots

Front View

Front View

Back View

Back View

Top View

Top View

Sample Menus

menu  playback

setup mode

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Review Date

June 2009

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