Wildlife Photography DVD - Go Wild with Your Camera

wildlife photography dvd
If you like the idea of improving your wildlife photography by watching leading photographers at work then the DVD Go Wild with Your Camera could be just what you are looking for.

The main focus of the DVD is wildlife photography found around the British Isles. There is also a shorter section offering a brief introduction to landscape photography. Some of the examples included in the footage can be copied in your own back garden. For other subjects you will need to travel a little further a field.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the DVD. It runs for around 165 minutes and if you like watching wildlife there is plenty to enjoy in addition to learning the more technical aspects of wildlife photography.

The DVD kicks off by talking you through the main pieces of equipment you will need. Each section then goes into greater detail discussing length of lens, shutter speeds and apertures sizes you need for each specific subject. The team also do an excellent job of discussing how to stabilise your camera to get the sharpest shots covering topics such as tripods and beanbags.

There are five main sections to the DVD. These are wildlife, insects, birds, amphibians and landscapes. In the wildlife section you can find squirrels, deer, badgers, field mice and brown hares. Under insects are butterflies and dragonflies. You will find robins, swallows, house martens, moorland birds, birds of prey, woodland birds and sea birds in the birds section. Frogs and toads are covered under amphibians. General landscapes and running water are explained under landscapes.

As well as the technical aspects of capturing the different subject types, advice is given on making the most of the time of day and time of year. You will also get tips on the best way to use the light for maximum impact. The subject of how the right background can highlight each subject is a constant theme running through the videos. A lot of work goes into explaining how to isolate your subject.

Three leading wildlife photographers present the DVD. They are Peter Cairns, Chris Gomersall and Mark Hamblin. Each has a friendly, open style. All appear to be complete experts in their field. The DVD is very easy to watch. If you are watching on a computer you can freeze the footage at any time to make notes and jot down your own ideas. It is also easy to stop the DVD at any point and return to where you stopped watching later on.

I would say this DVD is ideal for someone who is new to wildlife photography or has had a go and has not achieved the results they were looking for. You will need to be comfortable with your camera and now how to adjust key settings such as aperture size and shutter speed to get the most out of the lessons.

One area that is not discussed in any depth is how your camera's focusing options might help to improve your photographs further. A thorough understanding of your auto focus system and how to make swift changes to its settings will also help your photography.

Other than that I cannot think of any other areas I would like to have seen covered in greater depth.

In my view the main strength of the DVD is how much information it imparts in such a short amount of time. All you need to do is sit back and relax.

Different methods of learning suit different people. If reading books does not always work for you or if you would just like to try a different method of learning you are likely to find this DVDs very enjoyable to watch as you soak up the information available. Personally I am confident that I learnt far more sitting watching this video in 165 minutes than if I had spent the same amount of time reading a book. It is a great way to learn the basics of wildlife photography.

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