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Learn five key elements of photography and transform your photographs.

Cameras.co.uk has teamed up with Red Cloud Photography Courses to bring you five videos that can help to take your photography to the next level. They take you through the five key elements of photography. Each element plays a significant role in building your knowledge of photography. Once you have these basic building blocks in place, you will be ready to tackle a wide range of photo opportunities and challenges.

Each video is delivered in a way that is easy to understand. The information is delivered in bite sized pieces. Although there is obviously going to be an element of technical information to explain in the videos this is achieved without using jargon. Teaching is on a by example basis so you can sit back and watch an experienced photographer in action. He talks you through each stage explaining exactly how to use each control so that you can create the desired effect in your own photographs.

These videos are an inexpensive way for you to grasp the fundamentals of how your camera works and how you can use those key features to create photographs that get people asking "Did you really take that?"

Part of the beauty of these videos is that you watch them any time you like, however many times you like for 6 months until you have fully absorbed every last piece of information.

The five key elements that have a fundamental impact on your photography are:

  1. Shutter Speed
  2. Aperture Size
  3. Composition
  4. ISO and White Balance
  5. Manual Settings

Video 1 - Controlling Shutter Speed - 11 minutes

digital slr photography course defocusBlurring action gives anyone viewing your photographs a sense of the speed of movement taking place when you took the photo. You initial thoughts may well be about sports photography, but there are plenty of other instances where you may wish to add a degree of blur to your photographs. If you have ever seen a picture of a waterfall or waves on a beach where the water has taken on a silky smooth look, this is also achieved through setting the optimum shutter speed. Just how much blur your add to your photographs depends on the shutter speed you use.

The other side of the coin is when you want to freeze action. Perhaps you would like to capture the look of effort on an athlete's face or the power of the wave crashing on a beach. This is also done by controlling shutter speed.

Adding that type of impact to your photographs is relatively simple once you know how. After watching this shutter speed video all you will need to do is put your new found skills into practice.

Buy Tutorial £3.99

Video 2 - Using the Optimum Aperture Size - 7 minutes

digital slr photography course defocusThe size of the aperture you select helps to determine how much of your photograph is in sharp focus and how much is left as a blur to accentuate your subject. You have almost certainly seen photographs of flowers of wildlife where the main subject is in sharp focus. To create contrast the background of the photograph is thrown out of focus to ensure the maximum attention is given to the subject. Once you master the art of selecting the right aperture for each photo opportunity you will have the skills at your fingertips to control selective focusing at will.

Aperture also plays a crucial role in determining depth of field. Depth of field is one of the key aspects of landscape photography. It determines how much of your scene is in focus. This video will put you on the right track when it comes to controlling depth of field in your photographs.

This video is 7 minutes in length and teaches you the key concepts for selecting your optimal aperture size for each shot you take.

Buy Tutorial £3.99

Video 3 - Composition - 14 minutes

digital slr photography course compositionUnderstanding the basics of composition has more impact on the way your photographs look than anything else. Key concepts such as where a professional photographer would place the subject within the shot are explained in this video.

You may have noticed that some photographs hold the attention far more than others do. Perhaps in some of your shots the viewers eye is distracted from your main subject or perhaps your photos allow the viewers eye to escape the picture altogether. If you would like your viewers to be drawn into your photographs with their attention fully focused then you can achieve this by learning the basics of composition.

This 14 minute composition video can give you a wide range of ideas and fire up your imagination. Next time you view a scene you will know exactly how to arrange the scene to give a truly eye catching photograph.

Buy Tutorial £3.99

Video 4 - ISO and White Balance - 9 minutes

ISO is the third element of what is often referred to as the exposure triangle. The other two elements of shutter speed and aperture are covered in other videos. Once you understand all three and the way they interact you should be well on your way to achieving the perfect exposure every time.

ISO settings are also often the secret to getting the best possible photographs in lowlight. Lowlight is a tricky customer for any photographer. Mastering ISO and understanding what it can do for you can help you become a king of lowlight photography.

Have you ever wondered why some photographs look so full of colour and have vibrant lighting? Others on the other hand can look dull and flat. This can be down to something as simple as a spot of white balance fine tuning. White balance has a number of roles to play in helping you to create your ideal photograph. To start with it can help you to produce accurate colours. It can also be used to add a touch of extra warmth to your shots. For example a touch of extra warmth can help you to produce portrait shots that are that bit more flattering to your subject.

White balance has an important relationship with the light available to you at the time you are taking a shot. Understanding this relationship is another step in the right direction when it comes to giving your photographs a whole new dimension.

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Video 5 - Learn to Use Manual Settings - 7 minutes

digital slr photography course defocusA lot of people buy a digital camera or Digital SLR place it in automatic mode or program mode and then snap away. If this sounds like you then not only are you paying for features you never use, but you are only using a fraction of the power of your camera.

Manual controls are not as difficult to understand as you might expect. It's when you step up to using them that your photographs can take that quantum leap that happens naturally when you take control of your camera rather than the camera taking control of you.

This video helps you to build knowledge of the inner workings of your camera so that you become a far more confident and competent photographer, ready for any photo opportunity that comes your way.

Buy Tutorial £3.99

Special Offer - All five videos for £14.99

If you buy all five videos you will be able to gain an in depth understanding of all five major photography fundamentals. When you buy all five together they are available at the lower price of £14.99. This gives you the bonus of saving nearly £5 compared with the price of buying each one individually. This package will provide you with an excellent basis to build from. Don't forget you can watch the tutorials as many times as you like and in whichever order you like, whenever you like for 6 months.

Buy All Tutorials £14.99

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