Better Photography - Light and Composition - Philip Dunn - DVD

Better Photography - Light and Composition - Philip Dunn - Photography DVD Review Philip Dunn runs a number of photography courses and holidays. He has distilled a number of his photography tips and included them in this DVD. The main focus of the DVD is landscape and travel photography. There are also some portraits thrown in for good measure. In terms of picture taking the main trust of the lessons is to improve composition and to know the pros and cons of the different types of lighting available to a photographer and how to use each type to your advantage.

Who is the DVD For?

Anyone who is looking to improve their photography may be interested in this DVD. A number of the concepts explained are fairly basic. Therefore the ideal viewer is likely to be someone who is just starting out with a camera.

Presenting Style

Philip Dunn has a very impressive photography pedigree and clearly knows his subject. His presenting style includes a little self depreciating humour. This helps the DVD along. It is not the slickest DVD I have ever seen, buy hey there are not too many DVDs of this type available and this has no discernable impact on the level of information put over.


As well as the introduction and summary the DVD can be broken down into five sections.

Direction of Light

This part of the DVD takes an in depth look at the different direction light comes from. It discusses how it falls on your subject and the impact this has on the final photograph. All four light directions - back light, front light, side light and top light are covered.

The Colour of Light

Staying with lighting the DVD moves onto the colour of the light. The colour of light is based around colour temperature. Understanding the basics of this subject is important to anyone who is looking to improve their photography.

The Quality of Light

The section on lighting is completed by looking at the quality of light. The focus of this section is on the type of natural lighting at different times of the day and how this can impact on your photos.


Following on from the lighting section is a section on composition. This starts by relating rectangles to a photograph. Once that concept is established it moves on to looking at the rule of thirds. If you have not heard of the rule of thirds this is a fundamental composition principal, not only in photography, but in art as well. In this section Philip also looks at how you can layer your photographs to add extra interest to a shot.

What I Really Liked

Philip Dunn has a very friendly manner. He is able to put across both basic and more complex points in a way that is very easy to understand. There is enough information in this DVD to point you in the right direction and to take your photography up a notch or two.

Where It Could Be Better

I didn't get quite the same level of enjoyment out of watching this DVD as I have from other photography DVDs such as Chasing the Light and Go Wild with Your Camera. The subject matter in those DVDs and the final photographs helped to give those DVDs an extra edge.


Better Photography In the main this will appeal to someone who is just starting out with their camera. For many people this may well be the right amount of information to take in before going out and about with their camera and experimenting. After that it might be a case of picking up a DVD with more advanced information or taking a photography course.

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