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Lowlight Photography

lowlight photography Digital photography is quiet easy when you have plenty of light but as you may have noticed, lighting conditions in digital photography aren't always as we would like them.

The flash seem like the biggest solution to low light digital photography however I am not keen on taking pictures with flash as it can flatten out images.

I personally prefer to use a higher ISO. Your ISO simply means the amount of sensitivity of light falling on your sensor.

The only set back with high ISO is noise. If your ISO is perfect for the photo yet there is a significant increase in noise you can use software to sharpen up your digital photo.

Usually the higher the ISO, the more noise that will appear on the photo. To give a grainy image an artistic flare, convert it to black and white, you could be pleasantly surprised with the result.

In digital photography, a higher ISO allows you to take photos in low light situations. Also try to shoot RAW and use aperature-priority with the lowest f-stop.

The key to low light photography is to remain as still as possible. Using a tripod is definately going to help you however if you haven't got one remember that your photos don't have to be perfectly still every time. Embrace motion blurs or movement lines from an unsteady hand. Alternative to an tripod is using other stable objects as a tripod, like tables or chairs… Well, anything you can rest your camera on.

It is OK to take bad pictures, without bad pictures, how could you possibly recognise your best ones? So I suggest you turn off the lights and start shooting…And please remember to have fun!

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