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Digital Cameras

Camera Selector
Very useful feature that allows you to enter your own criteria for buying a digital camera. This includes ease of use, price, number of megapixels. You are then provided with a shortlist of digital cameras that meet your requirements.

Answers to the questions that we get asked on a regular basis. A good place to start if you have unanswered questions of your own.

Our reviews and consumer reviews of digital cameras. If you already own a digital camera help other people who are looking to buy by posting your own review.

Technical specifications of the leading digital cameras. Make sure the camera you are thinking of buying does what you want it to before you buy it.

U.K. Best prices
Save money! Search by digital camera to check out who is offering the best deals in the U.K.

Where to Buy
Listing of recommended online stores.

General Features
We walk you through the general features that you find on a digital camera. We explain what they are and what you use them for.

Image Manipulation
One of the big advantages of working with a digital camera is that you can upload images to a computer and improve them using image manipulation software. In the Image Manipulation software we give you a description of the different things you can use the software for and list some of the most popular software.

Shooting Movies
If you are intending to use your digital camera to shoot short movies, this guide tells you what to look out for when buying your camera.

Memory Cards
Memory cards store the images you take with your digital camera. All you need to know about the different types and whether or not you need to buy additional cards can be found here.

Just starting out? The overview is the place to start if you need to understand the basics of digital cameras.

Here we cover the different ways in which you can get prints of your favourite digital images.

A summary of all the key issues that you need to grasp before deciding what type of digital camera is right for you.

Uploading to a Computer
One of the biggest advantages of a digital camera is being able to upload images to a computer. Here we explain just how to do it.

How Much Zoom Do You Need?
Zoom lenses explained, plus sample images to help you decide how much zoom you need.

Connecting to a Television
Step by step pictorial guide to connecting a digital camera to a television set and displaying your pictures.

Useful Tools
Details of some useful tools that will help you to get the most out of your digital camera.

Digital Camera Questions
Archive of questions about buying and using digital cameras.

Digital Camera Brands

A high level look at the digital cameras offered by the leading brands.

Canon Digital Cameras
Fuji Digital Cameras
Nikon Digital Cameras
Olympus Digital Cameras
Panasonic Digital Cameras
Sony Digital Cameras

Camera Lenses

In the Camera Lenses section you can find a guide to buying the lens that is best for you. There are also specifications and prices for lenses from the leading brands.

To read the buyer's guide follow this link: Camera Lenses

To find out more about lenses from the leading brands follow these links:
Canon Lenses
Nikon Lenses
Sigma Lenses Canon Mount
Sigma Lenses Nikon Mount
Sigma Lenses Pentax Mount
Sigma Lenses Sony Mount
Sony Lenses A Mount
Sony Lenses E Mount


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Photography Books

Photography Books
A selection of our recommended photography books. The aim of the books is to help you enjoy your photography and take better pictures.

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Photography Tips

Photography Tips One hundred tips to help you make the most of your camera, whatever format you have.

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