Simple and Easy Digital Cameras Explained

If you are shopping for a simple and easy digital camera there are plenty of models you can choose from. This type of digital camera usually comes with a lower price tag, primarily because of the basic set of features these cameras have.

It is worth taking that bit of extra care when you buy this type of camera as the lower price tag can also mean that picture quality and build quality can be suspect. Certainly there are some rogue cameras you are best advised to avoid, but there are also a number that are well made and can take good quality photos. It is just a case of working out the camera that best suits your needs.

All digital cameras come with an automatic shooting mode. That means all you need to do is point the camera at your subject and press the shutter button. That is why more basic digital cameras are often referred to as "Point and Shoot" digital cameras.

If you are after the most straightforward operation all the controls you are likely to need can be found as buttons on the body of the camera. In fact most people I know only ever use two buttons of those buttons (the on / button and the shutter button), plus the control for zooming in and out on a subject.

What Features Make a Digital Camera Easy to Operate?

A good sized and good quality LCD screen

The larger the LCD screen the easier it is for you to compose your photos. If you do end up dipping into the menu system from time to time a larger screen can make it easier to read. The standard LCD screen size for this type of camera is 2.7 inches although from time to time you may find a larger 3 inch screen.

Better quality screens are less reflective. This makes it easier for you to see the scene you are about to photograph.

Fewer Features

Having less features means that you only get the most essential features. This can reduce the number of buttons and menu options a camera has. Fewer buttons on the camera frees up extra space on the back of the camera too. This can make it easier for you to hold the camera and take a good grip.

Larger Buttons

Fewer buttons also gives the manufacturer the chance to increase the size of the buttons. Very small buttons can make a digital camera fiddly to operate.

Dedicated Movie Button

Some cameras offer a button that you can press to start shooting a movie. With other models you first have to change the shooting mode and then press the shutter button to take a shot. When you wish to take your next still photo you need to change the shooting mode again so that the camera is ready once again to take a still photo. With a dedicated movie button there is no need to change the shooting mode.

Finding Your Ideal Simple and Easy Digital Camera has a Digital Camera Selector. You can choose what is important to you when you are buying a camera and the selector builds a shortlist for you. You can also specify other criteria that are important to you such as the number of megapixels and the amount of zoom you are looking for. To try the selector and build your own shortlist visit: Digital Camera Selector

Alternatively you can take a look at the top rated / recommended Simple and Easy Digital Cameras. The recommendations are based on a mix of ease of use, picture quality, build quality and overall value for money.

Top Rated / Recommended Simple and Easy Digital Cameras

The top three rated Simple and Easy digital cameras are:

Panasonic DMC S5 Rating: 84/100

Simple and Easy 16 Megapixels 4x Zoom

Panasonic DMC S5 The Lumix DMC S6 is a basic pocket sized digital camera. It can record High Definition movies and has image stabilisation built in to help keep your photos sharp. It has a 2.7 inch LCD screen and can focus from 5cm away from your subject in macro mode. It also has Lumix Image Uploader software to make it easier for you to upload images and movie clips to web sites such as Facebook and YouTube.

Guide Price: £72.99 See latest prices: Panasonic DMC S5 Prices

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Panasonic DMC S3 Rating: 84/100

Simple and Easy 14 Megapixels 4x Zoom

Panasonic DMC S3 The Lumix DMC S3 is aimed at you if you are new to digital cameras or you find it difficult to find your way around one. It can be used in fully automatic mode, has a 2.7 inch LCD screen and is capable of shooting High Definition movies.

Guide Price: £73.35 See latest prices: Panasonic DMC S3 Prices

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Canon Powershot A2400 IS Rating: 83/100

Simple and Easy 16 Megapixels 5x Zoom

Canon Powershot A2400 IS The Powershot A2400 IS is a standard point and shoot digital camera. It has a wide angle lens and Canon have built in image stabilisation. You are able to shoot High Definition movies. The LCD screen is 2.7 inches in size and for close up shots the macro mode is able to focus from 3cm away from your subject.

Guide Price: £104.90 See latest prices: Canon Powershot A2400 IS Prices

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