Printing Online

There are a number of website that give you the ability to upload your photos and buy prints. The prints are then delivered direct to your door.

For me this is the easiest method of creating prints of the photos I have taken.

How it Works

The process will vary slightly depending on the website you use. I am going to give you a quick overview of the process based loosely on the process used by Photobox. They are the company that I use when I want to print my photos.

The first step is to visit the Photobox website and open an account. This is a straightforward process. You supply them with your name and an email address and you are ready to go.

Your account is set up instantly and you are greeted by a typical Welcome page. One of the options is to upload your photos.

The upload option takes you through to a page that shows you folders on your computer in a way that is similar to Windows Explorer. The next step is to select the photos you wish to print. To do this you drag and drop them into an album space that has been created for you. When you have selected all the photos you want printed you click the upload button. Uploading takes a while. The time it takes will depend on the speed of your Internet connection and the size of the photos you are uploading. My own uploads usually take a little under a minute per picture.

If you notice you have missed some photos it is easy to repeat the process and upload them too.

The next phase in the process is ordering. At this point you get to select the print size. You also select the finish you want such as glossy or matt.

After that it is a case of adding to your basket and you are ready to finalise your order. Aside from the actual time taken to upload the photos the process is very quick and there is very little you need to do.


The cost of printing depends on a few factors. To start with there is the size of the prints you are making. The smaller the print the lower the cost. Next is the number of prints. You can buy bulk credits. This reduces the price you pay per print by up to 30%.

A small print typically costs 10p. So this can fall to 7p if you buy credits in bulk. An A4 print costs around £1.50. All prices are subject to change, but were available from Photobox when this article was written.

Postage is charged on top of printing costs. Postage prices start at £1.50.

Print Sizes

The whole range of print sizes is covered. You can print something as small as a passport photo or as big as a poster to put on your wall.

Other Print Options

Websites like Photobox offer a variety of options for printing. These include making calendars from your photos or mugs, or key rings. You can also produce your own coffee table photo books. In addition you can opt to have your photos backed up and stored on a DVD to guard against future loss.

Photo Editing

Some photo printing websites offer photo editing services. Again what is on offer will vary from site to site, but look out for features that allow you to remove red eye and blemishes, boost colour, crop and rotate. You may also be able to change a photo to black and white or add a softer focus.

Getting Started

To visit PhotoBox and make your own prints follow this link: Visit PhotoBox

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