Canon Powershot SX600 HS Price Comparisons

16 Megapixels 18x Zoom

Canon Powershot SX600 HS

The Canon Powershot SX600 HS gives you a lot of zoom power in a relatively small body. With a wide angle lens (minimum focal length 25mm) the Powershot SX600 HS has the flexibility to help you squeeze in wide landscape shots as well as being capable of zooming in on more distant subjects.

Owing to its smaller body size this type of camera has proved to be very popular with people travelling or taking a holiday. You get the scope to capture more or less any photo opportunity without the need to carry around a big and bulky camera. It is not just holiday makers who like this type of camera though. It is a good all rounder and suits most people looking for a smaller camera with a bit more oomph than more basic models.

In addition to the flexible lens you can shoot Full High Definition (1080p) movie clips. Although the Powershot SX600HS is not necessarily a replacement for a more advanced video camera it does the job if all you are after is capturing the moment.

It has a good sized and good quality, 3 inch LCD screen gives you WiFi connectivity options too. Canon have built in image stabilisation to help you get sharp shots when you are using full zoom power or when the light starts to fade.

Canon Powershot SX600 HS Prices



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