Canon Powershot S120 Price Comparisons

12 Megapixels 5x Zoom

Canon Powershot S120

For a small digital camera the Canon Powershot S120 packs a punch. This makes it an ideal choice for someone who wants more than point and shoot simplicity.

Packed inside the camera body are an advanced set of manual controls giving you greater creative control over the way your photos will look. As well as being able to control shutter speeds and aperture size you also get access to enhanced white balance controls, plus manual focus and additional auto focus settings.

Other impressive features include Wi-Fi connectivity, a 3 inch, touch controlled LCD screen and the ability to capture full resolution images at a rate of 9.4 frames per second. You also get access to a RAW mode. This gives you more flexibility when it comes to post processing your photos.

Canon have equipped the Powershot S120 with Full High Definition movies. The ability to record at 60 frames per second gives you smoother 1080p movies.

Canon’s HS system helps to produce better quality photos in lowlight. A lens with a maximum aperture of f/1.8 is another key feature to help you with lowlight photography.

All in all the Powershot S120 offers a lot of power and control to someone who sees photography as a hobby or would like a convenient alternative to a larger Digital SLR.

Canon Powershot S120 Prices



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