Canon IXUS 265 HS Price Comparisons

16 Megapixels 12x Zoom

Canon IXUS 265 HS

The Canon IXUS 265 HS is only 23mm wide and will slip easily into more or less any pocket. Compared with other, similar sized digital cameras it has a few extra features that help to justify a price tag that is higher than more basic point and shoot models.

Despite the extra features, the IXUS 265 HS remains easy to use. All you need to do to take a picture is line up your shot and press the shutter button.

The extra features include extra zoom power (12x), Wi-Fi and NFC for easy connectivity and photo sharing, as well as Full High Definition Movies (1080p). GPS tagging is available too, although you will need a compatible Smart Phone for this.

If from time to time you need some extra zoom power, Canon have equipped the IXUS 265 HS with a feature they call Zoom Plus. This doubles the amount of zoom available to 24x.

Another plus point is the stylish look of the camera. In the hand it also gives the impression of a touch of extra build quality. You have a choice of colours, with silver, black, pink and purple versions available.

For composing your pictures there is a high quality, 3 inch LCD screen.

Canon IXUS 265 HS Prices



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