Canon IXUS 145 Price Comparisons

16 Megapixels 8x Zoom

Canon IXUS 145

The Canon IXUS 145 is a simple point and shoot digital camera. In addition to how easy it is to operate it looks impressive, with a touch more style than most entry level digital cameras. If you compare the IXUS 145 to similar models from other brands you may also notice this camera has a very good build quality.

At 22mm wide the IXUS 145 slips easily into more or less any pocket or small bag. You can take it with you anywhere you go and always be ready when a photo opportunity arises.

With 16 megapixels you have more than enough to make extra large sized prints. The 8x zoom lens is about standard for this type of digital camera. This is an area where a small camera outperforms most smart phones, both in terms of the amount of zoom available and the quality of the lens. The quality of the lens helps to produce sharp, colourful photos.

There is a 2.7 inch LCD screen for composing and reviewing images. You can also shoot High Definition Movies (720p). If you need extra zoom from time to time, Canon have equipped the camera with a feature called Zoom Plus. This can double the zoom capabilities of the camera to give you 16x zoom.

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