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The Digital SLR Selector lets you tell it the characteristics of the SLR you are looking for and then returns a short list of SLRs and their details. To make your selections click on the arrows at the sides of each drop down box. Then click on a value to select it. You can select ranges for features such as megapixels and zoom. Help is available for each option. The help text will also explain why a particular feature could prove useful to you.

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Help and Notes

The following information explains the different selection criteria you can use with the SLR selector.


You can also choose to look only at cameras produced by a certain manufacturer. This will help you if you are a big fan of Canon or Sony etc.

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Always a key feature when you are looking to buy. You can enter your price range.

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One of the key features of any digital camera is the number of megapixels it is capable of recording. The more megapixels it can capture the larger the size of print the camera can produce.

The selector is set up so that you can choose to view cameras within a range of pixels or for a specific number.

For more information see How Many Pixels Do You Need?

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