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If you are looking to buy a digital camera and you are not quite sure where to start then try our Advice Centre. We do everything we can to make what can be a complicated subject easy to understand.

In the Advice Centre you will find a Buyers Guide that walks you through the different types of digital camera that are available to buy and makes suggestions as to which ones may be suitable for you.

There are other sections as well. For example our Head to Head section pits cameras against each other with marks out of ten awarded for different attributes such as image quality, ease of use and features. It is also possible to compare sample images from different cameras.

Within the Advice Centre all the different features you will come across are explained, so that you will find understanding specifications easier.

Other articles cover how digital cameras store images the different types of memory card the use to do it, how to get the most out of a set of batteries, transferring images to a computer, printing and image manipulation.

Buying a Digital Camera
Our Buyer's Guide walks you through all the different types of digital camera and offer some suggestions for you to consider.

Sample Images
Compare sample images from the cameras that we have reviewed.

How Many Pixels Do You Need?
One of the big questions when buying a digital camera is how many pixels do you need. Our table will help to guide you.

Transferring Images to a Computer
This used to be a slow, painful and difficult procedure. Thankfully it's all a lot simpler now.

Image Manipulation
This can be the fun bit. For serious photographers it can also turn your picture into a masterpiece.

How Much Zoom Do You Need?
Zoom lenses explained, plus sample images to help you decide how much zoom you need.

If you need more information try reading through our list of frequently asked questions.

Where to Buy
Not sure where to buy? Check out our list of online stores

Reducing Red Eye
How to reduce the problem of red eye in photos taken with a digital camera.

Landscape Photography Tips
Improve your landscape photography with my top ten tips.

What is Smart Zoom
Smart zoom is another type of zoom you will find in specifications for digital cameras. This article explains what it is.

Digital Camera Helplines
Got a problem with your digital camera or would like some help with a feature? Try calling the helpline of the company that make your camera. They are there to help you.

All the Major Features Explained
There is an ever increasing list of features to choose from. See what suits you.

All About Memory Cards
Compact Flash, xD Cards, SD Cards, Micro Drives. Confused? Read here to get to grips with memory cards and how image are stored.

Shutter Lag Comparison Table
Shutter lag is the delay between pressing the shutter button and the picture being recorded. It ruins many a good photo. The shutter lag comparison table tells you which digital cameras can catch a hare and which ones will struggle to snap a tortoise.

Digital Camera Batteries
What digital camera batteries are best? This article sets out to answer your questions about the different types of batteries used in digital cameras and whether one type is better than the other.

Make Your Batteries Last Longer
Digital cameras get through batteries very quickly. Here are some tips to prolong battery life and keep down your running costs.

Printing Photographs
When digital cameras first appeared printing was well down the list of priorities. Now there are many options available to you from home printing to ordering prints through the Internet. We tell you what you need to get those prints perfect.

Shooting Movies
If you are intending to use your digital camera to shoot short movies, this guide tells you what to look out for when buying your camera.

Connecting to a TV
Step by step pictorial guide to connecting a digital camera to a television set and displaying your pictures.

We round up the important bits and provide you with a check list of things to look for when buying your digital camera.

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