Connecting a Digital Camera to a Television

The majority of digital cameras can be connected to a television set so you can display your images on a large screen. If you want to know whether a digital camera can be connected to a television set you need to check the camera's specification. There is a section normally called Video Out that will tell you whether the camera has this facility or not.

Connecting a digital camera to a television set is fairly straightforward.

The cable you require should be supplied in the box the camera comes in.

TV Cable

To start with make sure the camera is switched off. Then locate the video out socket.

Video Out

Plug the cable that came with the camera into the socket. The cable and the socket are usually colour coded to make identification easier.

Video Out Cable

Make sure the television is off and locate the video in socket. There may be more than one. If there is refer to the instructions that came with the television set to find out which one you should use.

Video In Socket

Next plug the other end of the cable into the video in socket. Again the socket and cable are normally colour coded.

Video In Socket and Cable

Now you are ready to turn the television and camera on. Make sure the television is tuned in so that it can display the pictures. You may need to refer to your television manual to find out how to do this.

Use the normal controls on the camera to display and scroll through the pictures. This is just the same as if you were displaying images on the camera's LCD screen.

Playback pictures

If you have a widescreen television you can use it's controls to determine whether the pictures appear in widescreen format or not.

TV Widescreen

Connecting a Digital Camera to a Television - Last Updated November 2004

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