Printing Photos

This article takes a look at the different options available to you when you are looking to print your photographs. These include online printing, canvas prints, photo books and photo calendars.

Online Printing

In my view this is the simplest way to print your photographs. There are a number of different websites that offer this service. Once your images have been loaded onto your computer you can upload them to a printing website. This is quite a straightforward process and is controlled by the printing website. All you need to do is follow the on screen instructions to select the photographs you would like to print and the print sizes you would like.

The turn around times are impressive. You can expect to receive your photographs through the post within a day or two. Small sized prints are available from around 5p. Websites offering printing services often have special offers running too. These help you to reduce the cost of printing.

Over the last few years I have used Online Printing companies on numerous occasions. I have always been very happy with the quality of the results. The company I use is Photobox. I'm sure other companies also provide a high standard of printing, but I have found Photobox to be excellent in terms of print quality and delivery times.

Follow this link to visit Photobox and check out their services for yourself: Visit Photo Box.

Printing in the High Street

Another simple method of printing your photographs is to take you memory card to the High Street. Many photography shops offer a printing service. Usually they have self service machines where you insert your memory card, follow the on screen instructions and make your prints.

Printing at Home

Home printers have fallen in price and decreased in size over time. This has encouraged people to print their photographs at home whereas they may previously have opted for professional prints. Despite these advances this is not an option I go for personally. As much as inkjet printers have improved in quality they still find it very challenging to match the print quality offered by professional printing services. To get the best results you will need to print on premium quality photo paper and to use high quality inks. Unless you are only planning to make the occasional print then the cost per print can also work out to be higher than an online printing service. For more information see: Printing At Home

Canvas Prints and Perspex Prints

If you are looking for something different to hang on your wall then perhaps you might like to consider a Canvas Print or a Perspex Print. There are a few things to consider if you are thinking of taking one of these options. They are a great way to showcase your photographs. You can find out more by reading either of these articles: Canvas Prints - Perspex Prints. They explain what to look out for when buying to ensure you end up with the best quality.

Photo Books

I have created a number of Photo Books for family and friends. This is my favourite way of bringing together a set of photos. A book could cover your latest holiday or provide a pictorial history of someone's life. In recent years the size of the books available has increased and the quality of the paper and printing has improved too.

Books are available in different shapes and with different front and back cover options.

Prices vary greatly depending on the size of the book you want to produce and the number of pages the book runs to. The most basic books can start from around £5, but expect to pay around £20 for a typical book with a small number of pages. Sizeable discounts are often available. For more information see: Photo Books

Once again Photo Box is a leading supplier, but if you are looking for cheaper options then take a look at what Snapfish has to offer.

Photo Calendars

As you can see from the options above there are now a number of alternatives to the standard print. Photo Calendars are an example of this. They are becoming increasingly popular. They allow you to show your favourite shots throughout the year. Photo calendars are set up in a similar way to a single online print. This service is provided by companies such as Photobox. Uploading photos and arranging your calendar is all controlled by the printing website. Visit Photo Box

Other Gifts and Printing Ideas

Mugs, coasters, key rings..... There is plenty of choice available for where you can print your photos. Once again these services are supplied by online printing companies such as Photobox. Visit Photo Box

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