Super Zoom Digital Cameras Explained

Super zoom digital cameras now offer what can only be described as incredible amount of zoom. The top of the range models offer up to 35x zoom. With maximum focal lengths available of over 800mm (35mm equivalent), that is more zoom power than you are likely to get with a Digital SLR without spending a substantial sum of money on a super telephoto lens.

Camera Size and Design

Super zoom digital cameras are fairly large and bulky. They are designed along the lines of a Digital SLR. What Types of Photography are Super Zoom Digital Cameras Suitable For? A super zoom digital camera is likely to appeal to you if you enjoy photographing subjects such as sports and wildlife. This type of camera can capture a wide range of more distant subjects where a more standard size lens is unable to get you in close enough to your subject.

Wide Angle Capabilities

In addition to the obvious telephoto qualities Super Zoom digital cameras offer wide angle capabilities. This gives you the flexibility to capture wide scenes as well as more distant subjects.

Lens and Picture Quality

The lenses used for this type of camera are usually of good quality. The larger physical size of the lenses can make the design and building processes that bit easier. One downside is that most lenses suffer from purple fringing. This is not usually to a degree that is noticeable with smaller prints, but may be an issue if you plan to make large prints. This issue is usually more noticeable when the lens is close to or at full extension or completely zoomed out.

Range of Features Available

If you are someone that photographs subjects such as wildlife and sports then the likelihood is that you know your way around a camera. If this sounds like you then you will be pleased to know that Super Zoom cameras nearly always come with a full set of manual exposure controls. These include features such as fully manual operation, aperture priority and shutter priority. This type of camera is also likely to offer you the ability to focus from close in for macro photography. Other advanced features can be found for metering and white balance adjustments. As ever it is best to check the specifications of individual cameras to ensure they carry the range of features you are interested in.

A camera of this size, weight and length of lens is prone to camera shake. Therefore image stabilisation is a very common feature. This helps to compensate for tiny hand movements when a picture is taken, to ensure your pictures are as sharp as possible.

Another attraction of this type of camera is that it tends to generate more power from the flash unit then smaller models. In most cases the flash unit pops up on top of the camera. This increases the distances between the lens and the flash unit and can help to reduce any problems of red eye in portrait shots taken using flash.

High Definition Movies

High Definition movies are the norm for this type of camera. More advanced models may also include a form of image stabilisation for movie recording, plus the ability to record stereo sound.


Suitable for sports and wildlife photography
No red eye


Larger cameras
Purple fringing

Suggested Super Zoom Digital Cameras

This is a selection of my current top rated cameras in this category.

Panasonic DMC FZ48 Rating: 87/100

Super Zoom 12 Megapixels 24x Zoom

Panasonic DMC FZ48 If you are looking for lens power the Lumix DMC FZ48 has a 24x zoom lens. The lens also has wide angle capabilities and image stabilisation. If you need even more zoom you can opt to decrease the number of megapixels you are shooting at in return for extra zoom up to 46.9x. Other features include a set of manual exposure controls and manual focusing. In addition to the 3 inch LCD screen there is also a viewfinder available for composing images. There is a special mode for shooting 3D still images. You can also record Full High Definition movies with stereo sound.

Guide Price: £257.67 See latest prices: Panasonic DMC FZ48 Prices

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Fuji Finepix HS30EXR Rating: 86/100

Super Zoom 16 Megapixels 30x Zoom

Fuji Finepix HS30EXR The Finepix HS30EXR is a fully featured digital camera with many of the features you would expect to find on a Digital SLR. Features include a 30x zoom lens. The lens also has wide angle capabilities. There are a set of manual exposure modes and you also have access to manual focusing. There are High Definition movies with stereo sound and manual focusing. You can add extra power by adding an external flash unit via the hot shoe.

Guide Price: £299.99 See latest prices: Fuji Finepix HS30EXR Prices

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Nikon Coolpix L810 Rating: 79/100

Super Zoom 16 Megapixels 26x Zoom

Nikon Coolpix L810 The Coolpix L810 scores highly for ease of use. Features include a 3D photography mode, plus the ability to shoot High Definition movies. There is also image stabilisation and a 3 inch LCD screen. Power is supplied by AA batteries. The 26x zoom lens also has wide angle capabilities. The Coolpix L810 is available in black, red and blue.

Guide Price: £196.95 See latest prices: Nikon Coolpix L810 Prices

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Digital Camera Types

Straightforward, simple cameras. These are also the cheapest you will find.

The most common type. Most are simple and straightforward.

On similar lines to the pocket camera, but a little larger.

Extra zoom over and above more basic cameras, but retaining a fairly compact size.

Extreme zoom lens. Normally with plenty of manual features.

Contain features normally associated with a Digital SLR, but in a smaller body.

As well as being waterproof many cameras are also drop proof and freezeproof.

Compact System Cameras are a cross between a typical compact camera and a Digital SLR. They offer you excellent picture quality, a wide array features and are a small size.

Entry level Digital SLRs for enthusiasts.

Top of the range for the most demanding professional photographers.

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