Extra Zoom Digital Cameras Explained

Extra zoom digital cameras tend to give you the best of both worlds. Picture quality is usually a clear step up from more basic digital cameras, the cameras can offer a wide range of features, build quality is very good, but these cameras are not much larger than pocket sized.

Impressive Zoom Range

Zoom lenses fall in the range of 10 - 15x zoom. The lenses also tend to have wide angle capabilities. That gives you plenty of flexibility as you can capture more or less any type of photo opportunity from wide scenes to more distant subjects.

Why this Type of Camera is Ideal for Holidays

It is the combination of flexibility and relatively compact body size that makes this type of camera popular with holiday makers and travellers. A number of the cameras now offer GPS picture tagging capabilities. This means that every picture you take can be flagged with coordinates of where you were at the time you took the picture. When you are viewing your photos at a later date you can pinpoint where you were in the world when the picture was taken.

Advanced Features Available

If you are a more advanced photographer many Extra Zoom digital cameras come equipped with a set of manual exposure features. These give you greater control over the way your photos will look. This type of camera can also be used in fully automatic mode if you prefer the idea of something more straightforward.

Record All Your Best Moments

The actual features vary from camera to camera, but the vast majority of these cameras offer the ability for you to capture High Definition movies. Some of the more advanced and more expensive models in this category can also record sound in stereo. This is another advantage if you are planning a holiday as you may decide that you do not need to carry a separate camcorder with you.

Price Range

Cheaper models cost around £100 with more expensive models being priced up to around £250. As well as a wider range of features the more expensive models tend to offer better picture quality. Towards the top end of the market there is not always much difference when it comes to the quality of the photos these cameras are capable of taking. If you are shopping for a more expensive model your choice is likely to be based around the features a camera has and how you judge the overall value for money on offer.

Who Offers the Best Extra Zoom Cameras?

Leading brands in this category are Panasonic, Canon, Sony and Fuji. Panasonic and Sony have a feature that allows you to decrease the number of megapixels in return for extra zoom power. This can come in very handy if you are unable to get in close enough to photograph a more distant subject. Fuji tends to offer a decent mid priced alternative to the most expensive models. Panasonic offer cameras with the most comprehensive features.


Batteries are lithium ion. If you are planning to take your camera on holiday it may be advisable to take a spare, fully charged battery.


Picture Quality
Build Quality
Length of lens for relatively small body size
Range of features


Battery life can be short when GPS positioning is turned on (you can always turn it off when not required).

Suggested Extra Zoom Digital Cameras

This is a selection of my current top rated cameras in this category.

Nikon Coolpix S9300 Rating: 86/100

Extra Zoom 16 Megapixels 18x Zoom

Nikon Coolpix S9300 The Coolpix S9300 packs a great range of features into its relatively small body. Features include Full High Definition movies with stereo sound, a high resolution, 3 inch LCD screen and GPS tracking. It also has the ability to create 180 and 360 degree panoramas. You can fire off shots at a rate of up to 7 frames per second and image stabilisation has been built in too.

Guide Price: £167.53 See latest prices: Nikon Coolpix S9300 Prices

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Canon Powershot SX260 HS Rating: 86/100

Extra Zoom 12 Megapixels 20x Zoom

Canon Powershot SX260 HS The Powershot SX260 HS packs a wide range of features into a relatively small body size. These include GPS tracking, a 20x wide angle lens, a 3 inch LCD screen and manual exposure controls (Fully Manual, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority). It can shoot High Definition movies with stereo sound as well as slow motion movies. It has image stabilisation for both still photos and movies.

Guide Price: £307.36 See latest prices: Canon Powershot SX260 HS Prices

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Panasonic DMC SZ1 Rating: 84/100

Extra Zoom 16 Megapixels 10x Zoom

Panasonic DMC SZ1 The Lumix DMC SZ1 offers you plenty of scope for capturing a wide range of photo opportunities. It is a very compact size and is also easy to use. Features include High Definition movies, image stabilisation and a 3 inch LCD screen. For close up shots it is able to focus from 5cm away from your subject.

Guide Price: £109.39 See latest prices: Panasonic DMC SZ1 Prices

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Digital Camera Types

Straightforward, simple cameras. These are also the cheapest you will find.

The most common type. Most are simple and straightforward.

On similar lines to the pocket camera, but a little larger.

Extra zoom over and above more basic cameras, but retaining a fairly compact size.

Extreme zoom lens. Normally with plenty of manual features.

Contain features normally associated with a Digital SLR, but in a smaller body.

As well as being waterproof many cameras are also drop proof and freezeproof.

Compact System Cameras are a cross between a typical compact camera and a Digital SLR. They offer you excellent picture quality, a wide array features and are a small size.

Entry level Digital SLRs for enthusiasts.

Top of the range for the most demanding professional photographers.

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