Fuji Finepix F455 Review

Ultra Compact

Fuji Finepix F455 Ease of Use 9
Features 7
Movie Mode 6
Build Quality8
Colours 8
Photo Quality 7
Style 8
Lowlight 6
Macro 8
Value for Money 7
5 Megapixels
3x Zoom
2 inch LCD Screen
92.6 x 56.4 x 21.7mm


The Fuji Finepix F455 is a slimline digital camera that slips easily into a pocket. It is a 5.2 megapixel camera with a 3.4x optical zoom lens. This is the equivalent focal length of 38mm-130mm on a 35mm camera. The Finepix F455 is a very straightforward model and is not weighed down by features that will never be used.

It is most likely to appeal to someone who enjoys taking pictures without getting too serious about photography in general. A take anywhere model it is perfectly capable of handling holiday photos, shots for the family album and pictures of all the usual social gatherings.

Main Features

LCD Screen:

2 inches
92.6 x 56.4 x 21.7mm

HD Movies:
Manual Controls:
Memory Cards:

Lithium-ion Rechargeable
xD Picture

Image Quality

As with the majority of digital cameras the Finepix F455 performs much better outdoors than indoors. The outdoors shots were sharp and the colours were very good as well. Digital cameras can find it difficult to correctly expose shots with a high level of contrast in the shots. This model did reasonably well with loss of detail only occurring in the darkest areas.

The colour test worked well showing plenty of depth.

Indoors the camera is clearly weaker. Although the indoor portrait is better than some others it is still not pin sharp. The sample image picture of the bottles is taken in very poor light, but other digital cameras do manage to produce a sharper, clearer image.

The macro picture is pretty good and I would say that this image is well above average.

See sample images link arrow

Shutter Lag and Recycling Times

Shutter lag is the time it takes to take each picture. A constant criticism of digital cameras is the delay in between clicking the shutter button, the picture being taken and also the camera being ready to take the next picture. From a pure shutter lag view the Finepix F455 seems to have little problem with taking a single picture and recording to the memory card.

In terms of recycling times I was able to take five pictures in the space of 18.03 seconds. That works out at a rate of 3.6 seconds per picture. I am not claiming that this is the most scientific tests, but it should give you an indication of the recycling speed of the camera. At the time of writing this is a new test I have added for my reviews. Early indications are that this is slow. My test is carried out indoors under standard conditions and it is possible that you would see better results outside.


When you take your first pictures with the Finepix F455 there is a fully automatic mode that will let you just turn the camera on and start shooting. The automatic mode is supported by four pre programmed scene modes. These help the camera to take the optimum shot in different photographic conditions. The scene modes are Portrait, Landscape, Sports and Night Scene.

For composing shots or accessing the menu system there is a 2" LCD screen. There is also an optical viewfinder if you prefer to use one for lining up a shot.

The built in flash unit has a maximum range of 3.6m when the zoom lens is not being used. This drops down to 2m when the zoom is fully extended. There are a number of different flash modes. These are Auto, Red-eye Reduction, Forced Flash, Suppressed Flash, Slow Synchro, Red-eye Reduction + Slow Synchro.

If you would like to appear in the picture there is a self timer with a ten second delay. To help you preserve the memory of each shot you can add up to thirty seconds of voice memo.

Close up photography is catered for by a macro mode that lets you get in as close as 9cms. The optical zoom is backed up by a digital zoom. The amount of digital zoom varies depending on the resolution of the shot you are taking at the time. For example at the highest resolution you can use 1.3x digital zoom and at the lowest resolution 4.1x zoom is available.

To add different effects to your photographs you can shoot in black and white or give your pictures a chrome effect.

You can shoot short movies with the Finepix F455. To be honest this is not the strongest point of the camera. The maximum length of a movie is three minutes and this is for a movie shot at a low resolution (160 x 120 pixels). You can also shoot one minute's footage at a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. Movies are shot at a rate of ten frames per second.

Fuji supplies all the necessary cables and software to connect the Finepix F455 to a computer, television set and a PictBridge compatible printer.

You have access to white balance settings for Fine, Shade, Fluorescent Light (Daylight), Fluorescent Light (Warm White) Fluorescent Light (Cool White) and Incandescent Light. There is a custom white balance mode as well. ISO equivalents range from 80 to 400 and the aperture range is F2.8 - F7.4. Shutter speeds vary between 2 and 1/2000 seconds.

Ease of Use

As with most Fuji digital cameras the Finepix F455 is very easy to use. There are very few buttons to contend with and the colour coded menu system is very easy to get to grips with.


You can pick up a Fuji Finepix F455 for around £225. This compares to around £215 for a Canon IXUS 40 and £275 for a Sony DSC T33.


The Finepix F455 fits neatly into the small, slim digital camera category. It is a standard rectangular shape and has a good build quality. Its dimensions are 92.6 x 56.4 x 21.7mm and it weighs around 150g.

Batteries and Memory Cards

Power is supplied to the camera by a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery. Fuji supplies the battery and a charger with the Finepix F455.

Images are stored on xD Picture cards. Fuji supplies a 16mb card with the Finepix F455. The problem is that the card will soon become full if you are taking 5 megapixel photographs. Therefore you are strongly advised to pick up a high capacity XD Picture card along with the camera. Click here to save money on xD cards

Points I like:

Ease of use
Build quality
Good outdoor shots

Where it is not so hot:

Limited movie mode
Indoor shots could be better
Slow recycle times


As with the majority of small, slim digital cameras I find there is a trade off in terms of picture quality and features. The plus points for the Finepix F455 are its ease of use and build quality. Overall the pictures taken by this model are acceptable, but I am still looking for a pocket sized digital camera that I can recommend wholeheartedly.

Fuji Finepix F455 Front View Fuji Finepix F455 Front View

Fuji Finepix F455 Back View Fuji Finepix F455 Back View

Fuji Finepix F455 Top View Fuji Finepix F455 Top View

Sample Menus

Fuji Finepix F455 Self Timer Fuji Finepix F455 Shooting Mode

Fuji Finepix F455 Set Up Fuji Finepix F455 White Balance

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