Digital Cameras Under £50

If you are looking for a digital camera under £50 from a recognised brand then your choices are limited. The cameras that are available in this price bracket are more basic in the features they offer, but the upside of that is that when you buy a digital camera for under £50 you will be buying a digital camera that is very simple and easy to use.

You can still expect to be able to take decent snapshots, but the limitations of a digital camera in the under £50 price bracket means that the camera is likely to struggle more in lowlight conditions. You may find cameras in this price bracket can be a little slow to react. This can cause problems if you are planning to photograph subjects that are fast moving, but should not pose any issues when you photograph posed shots or subjects that never move.

When it comes to features the camera is almost certain to offer at least 3x zoom and also be able to shoot High Definition movies. LCD screens are usually 2.7 inches in size. You are also likely to fond a camera with at least 12 megapixels. That is plenty for making smaller prints.

Panasonic DMC GF2

Panasonic DMC GF2

Type: Compact System Camera

12 Megapixels

Guide Price: £5.00

The Lumix DMC GF2 is remarkably small for a camera that offers you the ability to interchange lenses. The camera body itself is almost pocket sized. There are plenty of advanced features on offer for the more discerning photographer. These include manual exposure, Full High Definition movies, 3.2 frames per second and a 3 inch touch controlled LCD screen.

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