Sony DSC TX9 vs Panasonic DMC FX700 Comparison

Sony DSC TX9

Sony DSC TX9

Panasonic DMC FX700

Panasonic DMC FX700
Rating 86
Rating 81

The Sony Cybershot DSC TX9 and the Panasonic Lumix FX700 are two of the most advanced digital cameras offering touch controlled LCD screens. Features include High Definition movies, large LCD screens and high speed modes that can capture photos at a speed of up to 10 frames per second.

Basic Specification

Sony DSC TX9

12 megapixels
4x Optical Zoom
3.5 inch LCD screen
Macro Focus: 1cm
Wide Angle Lens
High Definition Movies
Dimensions 97.8 x 59.5 x 17.5mm
Weight: 149g

Panasonic DMC FX700

14 megapixels
5x Optical Zoom
3 inch LCD screen
Macro Focus: 3cm
Wide Angle Lens
High Definition Movies
Dimensions 103.5 x 55.8 x 24.5 mm
Weight: 176g


Both cameras have features that are difficult to find with other pocket sized digital cameras. Looking at the specifications of each camera there are some key difference between the two cameras. Starting with the Lumix DMC FX700 it has some advanced features that are likely to appeal to the more serious photographer. These include a manual mode where you can set shutter speed and aperture size. In addition this camera has a large f/2.2 aperture. The advantage of this is that it helps to pull in more light in lowlight conditions. This can have a major impact on the quality of the photos you are able to produce. The features offered by the Cybershot DSC TX9 are a little more fun based. For example you can shoot 3D panoramas. In addition there is an option that allows you to defocus the background in a photo. This helps to ensure your main subject stands out. This is a technique you will often see in pictures taken by professional photographers.


The Cybershot DSC TX9 is one of the slimmest digital cameras you will find. It is just 17.5mm wide. In my view it has very stylish looks. This is helped by the sliding lens cover. This helps it to take on its own distinct look. The Lumix DMC FX700 has a more traditional, standard rectangular look.


Although it may not sound like a lot the extra half inch Sony have squeezed in to the screen size can make a big difference when selecting options through the screen. You may find this is especially significant if you have larger size fingers. I also like the way Sony have laid out the menu system.

Power Supply

Both cameras use lithium ion batteries. Chargers are supplied with the cameras as standard.

Picture Quality

Taking a look back at my test shots I was a little disappointed with the results produced by the Lumix DMC FX700. It is not a cheap camera, so I would expect any pictures it takes to be some of the best available from a compact digital camera. I did not find this was the case. My biggest complaint was that they lacked the sharpness I would like to have seen. There were one or too instances where the photos took on a hazy look when print size was increased.

The Cybershot DSC TX9 produced greater consistency. I was left with the overall impression that it is able to produce a sharper photo than the Lumix DMC FX700, offering greater overall clarity.

Shutter Lag

I found the Lumix DMC FX700 to be a little slow. By way of contrast the Cybershot DSC TX9 produced fast response times without flash.

Ease of Use

As I mentioned in the Handling section of this comparison the larger screen size of the Cybershot DSC TX9 makes a difference and leads to greater ease of use. With the extra features on offer from these two models you will need to spend a little extra time to get to know all the features on offer.


If I was buying one of these two cameras I would opt for the Sony Cybershot DSC TX9. My view is it comes out ahead in most key areas, such as picture quality and shutter response. Against that the Panasonic Lumix DMC FX700 does have its own strong points such as the manual exposure controls and larger aperture, but on balance my preference is for the Sony camera.

Product Shots

Front View
Sony DSC TX9
Sony DSC TX9 Front View

Panasonic DMC FX700
Panasonic DMC FX700 Front View

Back View
Sony DSC TX9
Sony DSC TX9 Back View

Panasonic DMC FX700
Panasonic DMC FX700 Back View

Top View
Sony DSC TX9
Sony DSC TX9 Top View

Panasonic DMC FX700
Panasonic DMC FX700 Top View

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